Decosorber Natur Maze 8 (With Magnets) – SOLD IN A PACK OF 6


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Decosorber Natural are absorbers most effective for mid frequencies. Made from highest quality polyester foam, coated with a black velvet layer and covered with a 4mm Poplar plywood plate. The plates are carefully lacquered and finished with oil and wax on top. The result is a mid glossy finish for a warm ambience.


+- 1mm

  • USAP foam > Unique Sonitus acoustic polyester
  • Black velvet – 1mm layer
  • Poplar Playwood 4mm
Full thickness
  • Natural Poplar > Product Code :SADSN-M8-NP (Special Order)
 panels 60x60x8cm
65 x 65 x 55cm
8.7 kg


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