StereoNet Room Packs – ULTIMATE


This basic ultimate room acoustics pack is a great way to start the treatment process of any room.

Pack includes

12 x Sonitus Leviter Shape 8 Absorbers – Red, Black or Grey See Details Here

6 x Sonitus Decosorber Natur Eva – Ebony See Details Here

4 x Sonitus Big Trap Bass Traps See Details Here

6 x Sonitus BigFuser Diffusors – White See Details Here

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Leviter 8 Absorbers


A Leviter Shape 8 is an 8cm depth absorber component. It is made of high-performance polyester acoustic foam with a cool velvet finish layer that is applied directly to the foam – a fancy addition for aesthetics but the coating also boosts absorption. No itchy, scratchy compressed fiberglass here! The Leviter Shape 8 absorbs higher frequencies so it will not have an effect on mid-bass and low-bass frequencies. The Leviter’s curved surface naturally absorbs a wider band of frequencies rather than a fixed depth panel that creates a narrower notch in the frequency response. 


  • Material: USAP – Unique Sonitus Acoustic Polyester – fire resistantFMVSS 302 <100mm/min
  • Size: 23.6” x 23.6” x 3.25” (60cm x60cm x 8cm)
  • Colors: Black, Red, Grey
  • Coverage Area: 3.9 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Mounting: SMMS (4 magnets) or Construction Glue


SMMS Magnet Non Permanent Mounting System

The SMMS system allows you to mount panels that can be removed or re-positioned later fairly easy. Supplied with the Leviter 8 panels, the magnets can be hot glued to the acoustical components. This unique mounting system allows you to simply supply your own metal washers, screw them to the wall and attach your panel. Or, if renting or you want a less permanent solution, you can stick the washers to the wall with 3M double sided, removable tape, allowing you to remove them at a later date with no damage.


Big Trap Bass Traps


BIGTRAP is a low frequency absorber which helps to bring under control low frequencies, eliminate standing waves and clarifies sound image in low frequencies. Made of high quality polyester makes it durable and resistant to external conditions. Designed for corners where often called “boomy” sound is mostly present. Often suppressed corners now can be treated properly and in conjunction with other Sonitus Acoustic products can make your space acoustically pleasant. Unobtrusive design and easy installation makes it suitable for most spaces. Absorption begins at 100 Hz.


  • Dimensions —– 37x37x60cm
  • Material —– High quality polyester (fire rating FMVSS302)
  • Colour Black Grey (one colour)
  • Mounting: Easy installation with spray glue or other universal adhesives



Bigfuser 1 Diffuser


Bigfusor I serves to distribute the sound spectrum to all parts of the room; recommendations for home cinema and listening studio due to its low weight can easily be installed on the wall and ceiling; Made of hard foam polystyrene (EPS)


  • Dimensions —— 60x60x15cm
  • Material —– Hard Expanded Polystyrene
  • Colours – WHITE | Black
  • Carton —– 3 pcs / 1.08 m2
  • Mounting– Easy installation with non aggressive adhesives , or silicone.

Decosorber Natur Eva


Decosorber Natural are absorbers most effective for mid frequencies. Made from highest quality polyester foam, coated with a black velvet layer and covered with a 4mm Poplar plywood plate. The plates are carefully lacquered and finished with oil and wax on top. The result is a mid glossy finish for a warm ambience.


+- 1mm

  • USAP foam > Unique Sonitus acoustic polyester
  • Black velvet – 1mm layer
  • Poplar Playwood 4mm


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